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Dev Nathan

Knowledge and Inequality: An Exploration

Filip De Beule The Impact of Industry 4.0 on FDI, MNE and GVC: A conceptual note 31-Mar-19
Pradeep Kumar Keshari FDI and Employment in the Era of Digitalization: Evidence from Developing Economies 31-Mar-19 
Kaushalesh Lal Employment and Technology in Indian Economy 31-Mar-19 
Nadia Doytch* Impact of Outward Foreign Direct Investments on Patent Activity of Greenfield Multinationals 31-Mar-19 
Nadia Doytch* Does Patent Ownership Increase Greenfield FDI activity of MNEs? 31-Mar-19 
Bino Paul* Micro Data and Macro Policy: The Case of Manufacturing Sector of India 31-Mar-19 
Bino Paul Employment, Technology, and Value Chain in Indian Leather Industry 31-Mar-19 
Radeef Chundakkadan Female entrepreneurship and innovation: role of gender equality 31-Mar-19 
Subash Sasidharan FDI, Labor Market, and Welfare: How Inequality Navigate Welfare Loss? 31-Mar-19 
Savita Bhat A study on differences in employment characteristics across the states in India 31-Mar-19 
Françoise Pardos The world in the next thirty years, hopes and fears 31-Mar-19 
Ashok Jain and M.K. Das Applications of statistical physics and stochastic processes in economics; A changing paradigm 13-Nov-17
K. Lal and Shampa Paul Paradigm shifts in information technology 13-Nov-17
Françoise Pardos Changing paradigms in the solar industry 13-Nov-17
Subash Sasidharan Broadband Adoption and Firm Performance: Evidence from Informal Sector Firms in India 13-Nov-17
Bino Paul Interplay of Technology and Labour Productivity: Emerging Story of Consumer Electronics in India 13-Nov-17
Filip De Beule Knowledge sources of innovation: An enriched subsidiary typology 13-Nov-17
Ruchi Sharma Innovation and competition in Indian medium and high technology industries 13-Nov-17
Santosh Kumar Sahu, Unmesh Patnaik and K. Narayanan Do knowledge spillovers attenuate R&D investment? Evidence from Indian manufacturing firms 13-Nov-17
Savita Bhat Determinants of R&D Behavior of Foreign Firms in India 13-Nov-17
K. Narayanan Paradigm shift in irrigation sector of Andhra Pradesh and its impact on irrigation efficiency and drought induced loss of crop productivity 13-Nov-17
Stanley Nollen Knowledge spillover mechanisms 13-Nov-17
Nadia Doytch The impact of foreign direct investment on the ecological footprint of a nation 13-Nov-17
Bishwanath Goldar  Country origin of FDI in India manufacturing and its impact on productivity spillover 13-Nov-17
K. Narayanan Is Intra-Industry Trade Gainful? Evidence from Manufacturing Industries of India 29-Aug-16
Savita Bhat ICT Investments and Growth of Small and Medium Firms: A Study of Food Processing Industry in India 26-Aug-16
Santosh Kumar Sahu Foreign Direct Investments and Business Cycle Co-movement: Evidence from Asian Countries 22-Aug-16
Nadia Doytch The Worldwide Shift of FDI to Services- How does it Impact Asia? New Evidence from Seventeen Asian Economies 22-Aug-16
K. Narayanan Pull factors of FDI: A Cross Country Analysis of Advanced and Developing Countries 22-Aug-16
Kaushalesh Lal Global Technologies and their Adoption in Higher Education in India 22-Aug-16
Ruchi Sharma Do foreign firms enjoy monopoly power under product patent regime? Study of Indian pharmaceutical industry 22-Aug-16
Anup Kumar Bhandari Does Export Intensity Affect Firm Performance? Evidence from Basic Metal Industry in India 22-Aug-16
K. Narayanan R & D Spillovers and in-house R & D intensity: A Study of the Electronic Goods Sector in India 14-Mar-16
Savita Bhat Determinants of ICT Investment Intensity: A Study of Food Processing Industry in India 14-Mar-16
Santosh Kumar Sahu The Tradeoffs between GHGs Emissions, Income Inequality and Productivity 14-Mar-16
Sujit Bhattacharya Missing Gaps in Indian Nanotechnology Development: Exploring Effective Policy Interventions for Innovation and Commercialisation 14-Mar-16
Bino Paul Inter linkages between technology and livelihood: a case of furniture industry in India 14-Mar-16
Bino Paul How acute is skill scarcity in Indian Manufacturing? Emerging Contours 17-NOV-15
Bishwanath Goldar Reduction in Carbon Emissions Intensity among Indian Manufacturing Firms and its Impact on their Export Competitiveness 11-NOV-15
Subash Sasidharan Does Financing Constraints Matter for Outward Foreign Direct Investment Decision? Evidence from India 14-OCT-15
Saon Ray Upgrading in the Indian garment industry: a study of three clusters  12-OCT-15
K. Narayanan Regional Diversity of Development in India: Agglomeration, Skills and Access to Capital 11-OCT-15
Santosh K. Sahu Productivity, Energy Intensity and Output: A Unit Level Analysis of the Indian Manufacturing Sector 11-OCT-15
K. Narayanan Agriculture Intensification Population Growth and Cropland Expansion: Evidence From Post-Green Revolution Andhra Pradesh 11-OCT-15
K. Lal New Educational Technologies in Higher Education in India: Degree of Adoption and Sustainability 11-OCT-15
Savita Bhat Information Technology Investments and Export Performance of Firms: A Study of Pharmaceutical Industry in India 11-OCT-15
Pradeep Kumar Keshari Spillovers from FDI and Decision to Export by the Domestic Firms: The case of select Indian industries 11-OCT-15
Kaushalesh Lal

ICTs as Enabler in Higher Education

Bino Paul

Socio-economy of Mobile Phone Ownership in India

Santosh K. Sahu

Impact of Agricultural Related Technology Adoption on Poverty: A Study of Select Households in Rural India

Bishwanath Goldar Foreign Investment in Indian Industrial Firms and Its Impact of Firm Performance 24-OCT-14
Vinish Industrial Policy, Structural Change and Technology Gap: A study of Indian Pulp and Paper industry 15-OCT-14
Santosh Kumar Sahu Environmental Certification and Technical Efficiency: A Study of Manufacturing Firms in India 13-OCT-14
Vidhisha Vyas Does M&A matter for R&D? Evidence from the Pharmaceutical Sector in India 11-OCT-14
Savita Bhat Determinants of inter-state differences in Economic Development: Exploring the Role of Innovative Efforts 02-OCT-14
Subash Sasidharan Does Business Group Affiliation Encourage R&D Activities? Evidence from India 30-SEP-14
K. Lal Environmental Consciousness, Size and Intensity of ICT Adoption in Two Industrial Clusters 22-SEP-14
N. S. Siddharthan University  Industry Collaborations 14-SEP-14
PRADEEP KUMAR KESHARI Foreign Multinationals and Domestic Enterprises: Comparison of their Technological and other Characteristics in the Indian Machinery Industry 11-AUG-14
Ruchi Does patenting influence firms efficiency and productivity? : Evidence from Indian high and medium-tech firms 11-AUG-14
Ashok Jain Complexity Measure in time-series data: Application to Commodity Export and Research Publication Data 11-AUG-14
ARUP MITRA Innovation and Employment: A Firm Level Study of Indian Industries 11-AUG-14
Dr. Aradhna Aggarwal Acquisition of technological capabilities through the clean development mechanism: some quantitative explorations 11-AUG-14
Santosh Kumar Sahu Exports and Participation in Clean Development Mechanism [CDM] in Technology Intensive Industries in India 16-OCT-13
K. Narayanan Outward FDI, Firm Heterogeneity and Technological Efforts: A Study of Indian Manufacturing 16-OCT-13
PRADEEP KUMAR KESHARI Role of Technological and Knowledge Resources and Capabilities in Firms Decision to Export 12-OCT-13
Jaya Prakash Pradhan The Geography of Patenting in India 12-OCT-13
Filip De Beule Is acquiring knowledge a good idea? Innovative capabilities of Indian companies in cross-border acquisitions 09-OCT-13
ARUP MITRA Total Factor Productivity and Technical Efficiency of Indian Manufacturing: The Role of Infrastructure and Information & Communication Technology 20-AUG-13
Vinish Do policies influence FDI in wind energy? Analysis across Indian states 19-AUG-13
K. Lal Institutions and Innovation 15-AUG-13
Ruchi Innovation by firms in high and medium-high technology industries: an Indian experience 12-AUG-13
Bishwanath Goldar Direction of Outward FDI of Indian Manufacturing Firms: Influence of Technology and Firm Productivity 12-AUG-13
Subash Sasidharan Financing Constraints and Investments in R&D: Evidence from Indian Manufacturing Firms 07-JUN-13
K. Narayanan Econometric Estimation of Technical and Environmental Efficiency: An Application to Chemical Industry in and around Mumbai 21-NOV-12
K. Narayanan Mergers & Acquisitions, Technological Efforts and Exports: A Study of Pharmaceutical Sector in India 21-NOV-12
Santosh Kumar Sahu CO2 Emission from Fossil Fuel Consumption and Technology Intensity: A Study of Indian Manufacturing Industries 21-NOV-12
Karuna Jain  Innovation and Competitiveness among the Firms in the Automobile Cluster in Pune 16-NOV-12
K. Narayanan  Productivity Heterogeneity and Exports: A Study of Indian Manufacturing Industries 16-NOV-12
Pardos  Technology intensity and innovations in the next thirty years 15-NOV-12
Bishwanath Goldar  R&D intensity exports: A study of Indian pharmaceutical firms 14-NOV-12
Bino Paul What makes micro enterprises perform in a jewellery cluster? Seeing space for Computer Aided Designing (CAD) 08-NOV-12
Filip De Beule The Reasons for and Impact of the Internationalization of Research and Development: The Case of Indian Multinationals. 08-NOV-12
G D Sandhya Role of S&T and Innovation policies in transforming the National Innovation System in China: Lessons for India 08-OCT-12
Jaya Prakash Pradhan Exports by Indian Manufacturing SMEs Regional Patterns and Determinants 06-OCT-12
PRADEEP KUMAR KESHARI Technological determinants of competitive advantage in the indian machinery industry 26-SEP-12
A.S.Rao INDIA: a fab-less wonder: case of SMDP 26-SEP-12
Neelam Singh Technological Efforts and Global Operations: Indian Auto Component Firms 31-AUG-12
K. Lal Export Orientation and Firms Policy during Global Economic Slowdown 24-AUG-12
ARUP MITRA Technology Intensity and Global Competitiveness: Issues in Labour Cost and Employment 16-AUG-12
Xiaolan Fu Intra- and Inter-national University-Industry Linkage and Innovation in Emerging Economies: Evidence from China 18-JUN-12
K. Narayanan Energy Intensity and Firm Performance: Do Energy Clusters Matter? 13-NOV-11
Haiyan Zhang Geographical agglomeration of Indian and Chinese multinationals in Europe: A comparative analysis 12-NOV-11
Ilke Van Beveren Location and network determinants of technology-seeking versus technology-exploiting FDI 07-OCT-11
Filip De Beule Localization, globalization and networks of foreign subsidiaries 20-SEP-11
RAKESH Knowledge Flows and Capability Building in the Indian IT Sector: A Comparative Analysis of Cluster and Non-Cluster Locations 18-SEP-11
Bino Paul Labour Market in Urban Agglomerations: A case from an Indian Global City 12-SEP-11
Vinish What causes Agglomeration?  policy or infrastructure  A study of Indian manufacturing industry 04-SEP-11
Bishwanath Goldar Foreign Direct Investment and Technology Spillover: An Evaluation across Different Clusters in India 03-SEP-11
Saon Ray Opening Indias Garments sector to South Asia 01-SEP-11
Dr. Aradhna Aggarwal Productivity Dynamics in the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry: Evidences from Plant-level Panel Data 01-SEP-11
ARUP MITRA Urbanization in India: Evidence on Agglomeration Economies 16-AUG-11
Uday Bhanu Sinha Understanding NREGA: A Simple Theory and Some Facts 23-NOV-10
K. Narayanan Labour and Energy Intensity: A Study of Pulp and Paper Industries in India 21-OCT-10
Vinish Human Capital and Manufacturing Productivity Growth in India 15-OCT-10
K. Narayanan ICT enabled teacher training for Human Capital Formation: A Study of IIT Bombay Initiative 15-OCT-10
V.N.balasubramanyam Human Capial and Development: A Tale Of Two Cities; The Software Sector in Bangalore and Hyderabad 08-OCT-10
Bino Paul Does change in S & T explain dynamics in Human Capital? An enquiry into Emerging Trends in Nursing Labour Market 06-OCT-10
Bishwanath Goldar Informalization of Industrial Labour in India: Are labour market rigidities and growing import competition to blame? 24-SEP-10
TIFAC Government mediated program on intensifying industry- academia linkages for human resource development; Experiences of an innovative model from TIFAC 22-SEP-10
Vinish Link between Exporting and Productivity: Firm Level analysis for Indian Chemical Industry 11-SEP-10
Filip De Beule Locational determinants of acquisitions by multinationals from China and India: The role of human capital 08-SEP-10
Rashmi Banga Impact of Remittances on Poverty in Developing countries 30-AUG-10
Savita Bhat Human Capital, Labour Productivity and Employment 30-AUG-10
ARUP MITRA Skills, Informality, and Development 13-AUG-10
K. Lal Measurement of the Impact of Relocation on Employment 13-AUG-10
PRADEEP KUMAR KESHARI Comparative Performance of Foreign Affiliates of Multinational Enterprises and Domestic Firms in the Indian Non-Electrical Machinery Industry: Applica 18-JUN-10
K. Narayanan Vulnerability and Coping to Disasters: A Study of Household Behaviour in Flood Prone Region of India 14-MAR-10
Dr Sunil Mani The Flight from Defence to Civilian Space: Evolution of the Bangalore Aerospace Cluster 14-MAR-10
Bishwanath Goldar Energy Intensity of Indian Manufacturing Firms: Effect of Energy Prices, Technology and Other Firm Characteristics 14-MAR-10
Kaliappa Kalirajan Impact of Trade Liberalization on Technical Efficiency of Vietnamese Manufacturing Firms 14-MAR-10
Jaya Prakash Pradhan R&D Strategy of Small Firms in India: Trends and Determinants 14-MAR-10
K. Lal Non-Technological Innovations and Performance 18-FEB-10
Uday Bhanu Sinha Patent protection and Southern innovation: a strategic analysis 18-FEB-10
Vinish Manufacturing an engine of growth in India - Analysis in the post-nineties 18-FEB-10
Rashmi Banga Indias Exports of Software Services: Role of External Demand and Productivity 18-FEB-10
N. S. Siddharthan Science, Technology and Economy  Overview of the Sessions 12-OCT-09
Kannan Moudgalya Free and synchronous course delivery at IIT Bombay 12-OCT-09
V.N.balasubramanyam Science, Technology and Development: The Case of Indias Investments Abroad 12-OCT-09
T. Jayaraman Does India need a Bayh-Dole type Act? - Misplaced Priorities in STI Policy 12-OCT-09
Prof M V Rane Green Technologies Related to Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 05-OCT-09
Stanley Nollen Innovation in Indian and Chinese Software Firms 30-SEP-09
Vinish Catching-up or falling behind - Role of S&T in growth of emerging economies 29-SEP-09
Subash Sasidharan MNEs and Export Spillovers: An Analysis of Indian Manufacturing Industries 14-SEP-09
Dr. Aradhna Aggarwal The STPI scheme and Competitiveness of Indias IT industry: Historical Analysis and a Future Outlook 08-SEP-09
Bino Paul What Factors Make a World Small? A Case of Economics 08-SEP-09
Dr. Aradhna Aggarwal Evaluating Innovation in Health Care Services: Impact of Yeshasvini Health Insurance Programme on Health Care Utilisation among Women 20-AUG-09
Enrique Saravia State-owned companies and their use as instruments of scientific and technological policy. The brazilian case 10-AUG-09
K. Lal Entrepreneurship and Technological Change in Malaysian SMEs 10-AUG-09
Filip De Beule Multinational ownership and R&D intensity 11-JUL-09
Saon Ray International technology diffusion and productivity 23-APR-09
N. S. Siddharthan Determinants of R&D: Lessons from Literature 20-FEB-09
N. S. Siddharthan Globalisation of Knowledge Development and Delivery: 06-OCT-08
K. Narayanan FDI and R & D in the Pharmaceutical Sector in India 06-OCT-08
Jaya Prakash Pradhan Outward FDI and Knowledge Flows: A study of the Indian Automotive Sector 02-OCT-08
K. Narayanan Technology Sourcing and Internationalisation of IT firms in India 24-SEP-08
Aya Okada Innovation through Long-distance Conversations? Lessons from Offshoring-based Software Clusters in Bangalore 23-SEP-08
N.Mrinalini R&D Internationalisation: With Special Reference to Indian Information Technology Sector 20-SEP-08
Wilfred Dolfsma Innovation Systems as Patent Networks 15-SEP-08
K. Lal Entrepreneurship and Innovation Strategies in ICT SMEs in Enlarged Europe (EU25) 12-SEP-08
Pardos Growing Industrial Interconnections and Globalised Companies 10-SEP-08
Y.S Rajan Globalisation of Knowledge Development and Delivery: Technology and Policy Perspectives 10-SEP-08
Xiaolan Fu International and Intranational Technological Spillovers and Productivity Growth in China 08-SEP-08
Bino Paul Concentration in knowledge output to social network: evidence from India 07-AUG-08
Filip De Beule R&D, Product Renewal and Clusters in Belgium 20-JUL-08
Anja Schmiele Drivers and Effects of Internationalising Innovation by SMEs 25-JUN-08
N. S. Siddharthan Factors Influencing the Performance of Indian and Chinese Software Firms 15-FEB-08
Bino Paul Viewing Economy as a Network: An Exploration through Input Output Model 03-NOV-07
Haiyan Zhang The Growth of Chinas Automotive Industry: A Challenging Process in the Nexus between Localisation and Globalisation 30-OCT-07
Pushpa Trivedi Productivity in Manufacturing Sector: A Comparative View of India and China 29-OCT-07
Stanley Nollen Labor Productivity and Cost in Indian and Chinese Software Firms 29-OCT-07
Filip De Beule The Role of Foreign Direct Investment in the Internationalization of Innovation: China and India compared 25-OCT-07
Arindam Banik Foreign Capital inflows to India and ChinaA Tale of Two Economies 24-OCT-07
K. Narayanan Determinants of R & D in the Indian Pharmaceutical Sector: A firm level study of outward investors 23-OCT-07
K. Narayanan Technological Efforts and Performance of IT MNCs from India 23-OCT-07
Professor B. L. Pandit Inter-firm differences in FII portfolio investment in India 28-SEP-07
Dr. Aradhna Aggarwal SEZs, Technology Spillovers and Industrial Diversification : Evidence from 28-SEP-07
Vinish Entry Choice of Indian Multinationals  A Transaction Cost Analysis 31-AUG-07
K J Joseph Information Technology and Productivity Evidence from Indias Manufacturing Sector 29-AUG-07
Jaya Prakash Pradhan National Innovation System And The Emergence Of Indian Information And Software Technology Multinationals 29-AUG-07
N. S. Siddharthan International Alliances and the Performance of Indian Software Firms 29-AUG-07
Neelam Singh Quality Management System Standards and Being OEM/ Tier Exporter: Determinants for Indian Auto Component Firms 29-AUG-07
U.Sankar Environmentally Sound Technologies For Sustainable Development Of China And India 29-AUG-07
Soumitra Biswas Innovation Management  An Indian Experience 29-AUG-07
Dr Sumon Bhaumik Policy, Economic Federalism and Product Market Entry: The Indian Experience 28-DEC-06
Subash Sasidharan MNC Subsidiaries and Technology Diffusion in Late Industrialising Countries: A comparison between Argentina and India 17-NOV-06
G Baskaran Scientific Developments: A Vision 04-OCT-06
Aya Okada Small Firms in the Indian Software Clusters 04-OCT-06
T T Sreekumar Decrypting E-Governance: Narratives, Power play and Participation in the Gyandoot Intranet 02-OCT-06
K. Narayanan Technology Acquisition and Competitiveness: Evidence from Indian IT Industry 28-SEP-06
p v indiresan Investment for a Technology Future 27-SEP-06
Sandip Sarkar Employment in ITC in India 22-SEP-06
Haiyan Zhang Chinas Pharmaceutical Industry: Cluster Typologies and Characteristics 22-SEP-06
K. Lal Small Islands, New Technologies and Globalization: A Case of ICT Adoption by SMRs in Mauritius 19-SEP-06
Dr(Ms) Seema Singh Employment at High-end IT Enabled Services 19-SEP-06
ARUP MITRA Imported Technology and Employment: Evidence from Panel Data on Indian Manufacturing Firms 19-SEP-06
Professor B. L. Pandit MNEs, Product Differentiation, Skills and Employment: Lessons from Indian Experience 19-SEP-06
A.S.Rao Sub-National Innovation network 27-APR-06
Dr. Aradhna Aggarwal Strengthening the Export Competitiveness of firms in the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry 25-MAR-06
Subash Sasidharan Foreign Direct Investment and Technology Spillovers: Evidence from the Indian Manufacturing Sector 13-FEB-06
Dr. Aradhna Aggarwal Liberalisation, Technology Policies and Acquisition of Technological Capabilities : A Study of Indian Industry 07-DEC-05
Filip De Beule Backward linkages of foreign subsidiaries in Guangdong: A country of origin analysis 23-NOV-05
K. Lal SMEs and New Technologies 04-MAY-05
Dr. Aradhna Aggarwal The Influence of Labour Markets on FDI : Some Empirical Explorations in Export Oriented and Domestic Market Seeking FDI Across Indian States 28-APR-05
Stanley Nollen Software and Hardware in India and China:How the Firms Differ 06-APR-05
Professor B. L. Pandit Liberalisation, Efficiency Wage and Employment in India 21-FEB-05
Lakhwinder Singh Globalization, National Innovation System and Response of Policy 06-JUL-04
K. Narayanan India and Anti Dumping under the WTO 03-MAR-04
Ramesh Chand Impact of Trade Liberalization and related Reforms on India?s Agricultural Sector, Rural Food Security, Income and Poverty 10-DEC-03
Pushpa Trivedi Globalizaton and Trade Dispute Settlement in WTO:Implications for Developing Countries with Special Reference to the India 03-DEC-03
N. S. Siddharthan Liberalisation, MNE and Productivity of Indian Enterprises 26-AUG-03
Saon Ray MNEs, Strategic Alliances and Efficiency of Firms: Emerging Trends in the Liberalization Era 26-AUG-03
Rashmi Banga Differential Impact of Japanese and U.S. Foreign Direct Investments on Productivity Growth: A Firm Level Analysis 26-AUG-03
A.S.Rao Technology acquisition and Managing Technology Discontinuity 26-AUG-03
Anil Bharadwaj Reforms and Small Scale Industries in India 14-JUN-03
N. S. Siddharthan Liberalisation and Growth of Firms in India 10-SEP-02