2015 Conference Papers

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Spillovers from FDI and Decision to Export by the Domestic Firms: The Case of Select Indian industries  

Pradeep Kumar Keshari


Information Technology Investments and Export Performance of Firms: A Study of Pharmaceutical Industry in India 

Savita Bhat


Does Financing Constraints Matter for Outward Foreign Direct Investment Decision? Evidence from India

Subash Sasidharan, Padmaja M


Upgrading in the Indian garment industry: a study of three clusters 

Saon Ray, Prithvijit Mukherjee, Mishita Mehra


Use of Technology in providing Quality Engineering Education: Exploring the Indian Experience 

Chidambaran G. Iyer


New Educational Technologies in Higher Education in India: Degree of Adoption and Sustainability 

K. Lal, Shampa Paul


Agriculture Intensification Population Growth and Cropland Expansion: Evidence From Post-Green Revolution Andhra Pradesh

Amarendra Pratap Singh, K. Narayanan


Skilling in Agri-Sector For Growth & Sustainability -Mapping of Institutional Arrangements in the area of Education and Training in Agriculture 

Tabassum Jamal, Kasturi Mandal, Mahesh Kumar Saini


Productivity, Energy Intensity and Output: A Unit Level Analysis of the Indian Manufacturing Sector 

Santosh K. Sahu, Himani Sharma


Regional Diversity of Development in India: Agglomeration, Skills and Access to Capital 

Poornima Dore, K. Narayanan


Are Developmental Interventions Helpful in Coping against Climatic Aberrations? Evidences from Drought Prone region in India 

Unmesh Patnaik, Prasun Kumar Das 


Reduction in Carbon Emissions Intensity among Indian Manufacturing Firms and its Impact on their Export Competitiveness

B. N. Goldar


FDI, Total Factor Productivity and Technology Import: Are these crucial in determining R&D intensity in Indian manufacturing?

Maitri Ghosh, R.P. Roy


How acute is Skill Scarcity in Indian Manufacturing? Emerging Contours

Bino Paul


Foreign Involvement and Firm Productivity-An Analysis for Manufacturing Firms in India

Isha Chawla


Can Technology Explain the Growth Disparity Among the States?

Ashish Nath


INAE Session: Technology Challenges for National Growth

Sl No. Title Author(s)
1               Challenges in using Remote Sensing Technology for Disaster Management P.G. Diwakar, V.K. Dadhwal, G. Srinivasa Rao
2 Socio-Economic Impact of Satellite Based Navigation Systems A.S. Ganeshan
3 Quantifying Sustainability to Assess Urban Transportation Policies and Projects - Case Studies from Bangalore Ashish Verma
4 Impact of Ship Emission on the Bay of Bengal Pollution and Climate Archana Devi, M. V. Ramana
5 Urban Transport Policies in India in context to Climate Change: An International Perspective Ashish Verma, V. Harsha, Mehvish Shah
6 A Multicriteria Decision making Methodology for Selection of Suppliers in Sustainable Supply Chain V. Ravi
7 Space Technology and Knowledge Management in Agriculture C. S. Shaijumon
8 Literary and Artistic Creativity to Augment Technical Innovations Gigy J. Alex
9 Indian Space Programme -Touching Lives Jaya G Nair, S. Sridharan and S Aravamuthan