I. Paper Published

A short-list of conference papers published in journals. (Other conference papers published by Knowledge Forum in edited volumes, are listed under "BOOKS")


  1. Radeef Chundakkadan & Subash Sasidharan, (2020), Financial constraints, government support, and firm innovation: empirical evidence from developing economies, Innovation and Development, Vol. 10, Issue 3, pp. 279-301

  2. K. R. Shanmugam and Rakesh Nigam, (2020), Impact of technology on the financial performance of Indian commercial banks: a clustering based approach, Innovation and Development, Vol. 10, Issue 3, pp. 433-449

  3. Arup Mitra, (2020), Technological progress, innovation and employment: firm-level evidence from India’s manufacturing sector, Innovation and Development, Vol. 10, Issue 3, pp. 451-465 

  4. Ketan Reddy, Radeef Chundakkadan & Subash Sasidharan (2020), Firm innovation and global value chain participation. Small Business Economics, Published online: 

  5. Madan Dhanora, Ruchi Sharma & Manu Jose (2019), “Two-way relationship between innovation and market structure: evidence from Indian high and medium technology firms, Economics of Innovation and New Technology”,, Published online: 26 Mar 2019. 
  6. Madan Dhanora, Ruchi Sharma and Qayoom Khachoo, (2018) Non-linear impact of product and process innovations on market power: A theoretical and empirical investigation. Economic Modelling, 70 (3), pp. 67-77
  7. De Beule F., Van Beveren I. (2018). Sources of open innovation in foreign subsidiaries: An enriched typology. International Business Review28 (1), 135-147. 
  8. Nadia Doytcha, Merih Uctum, (2018), “Spillovers from foreign direct investment in services: Evidence at sub-sectoral level for the Asia-Pacific”, Journal of Asian Economics (2018). 
  9. Bartz, Wiebke, Pierre Mohnen and Helena Schweiger, 2018, “The role of innovation and management practices in determining firm productivity growth in developing economies”, Comparative Economic Studies, 60(4), 502-530. https:// org/10.1057/s41294-018-0075-3 
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  11. Subash S., M Padmaja (2018) Do Financing Constraints Impact Outward Foreign Direct Investment? Evidence from India, Asian Development Review, Vol. 35(1), pp.108-132. 
  12. De Beule F., Sels A. (2016). Do innovative emerging market cross-border acquirers create more shareholder value? Evidence from India. International Business Review, 25 (2), 604-617.
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  22. Pradhan, Jaya Prakash and Neelam Singh, (2009) ‘Outward FDI and Knowledge Flows: A Study of the Indian Automotive Sector’, International Journal of Institutions and Economies, 1, No. 1, April 2009, pp. 155-186. 
  23. Subash S., Ramanathan (2007), FDI and Spillovers: Evidence from Indian Manufacturing Industries, International Journal of Trade and Global Markets, Vol.1(1), pp.5-22. 

II. Collaborations 


III. Other Communications

  1. Policy Brief on Foreign Direct Investments (FDI), Download
  2. Changing Nature of FDI
    1. Changing Nature of FDI: Need to Re-examine the Productivity Spillovers, N. S. Siddharthan
    2. A Note on Service Sector, Ashok Jain
    3. Discussion note, based on "The FDI Shift to Services- How does it Impact Asia?", Nadia Doytch
  3. Issues in Statistical Inference
  4. The Saga of the Delhi School of Economics A Sketch, K. L. Krishna

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