2013 Conference Papers


Title of the paper



Direction of Outward FDI of Indian Manufacturing Firms: Influence of Technology and Firm Productivity

Bishwanath Goldar


Do policies influence FDI in wind energy? Analysis across Indian states

Vinish Kathuria, Pradeep Ray, Rekha Bhangaonkar


FDI, Technological Choices and Spillovers in an Emerging Market Economy: A Study of Indian Manufacturing Industries

Maitri Ghosh, Saikat Sinha Roy


Outward FDI, Firm Heterogeneity and Technological Efforts: A Study of Indian Manufacturing

Ronny Thomas, K Narayanan


Innovation by firms in high and medium-high technology industries: an Indian experience

Sunil Kumar, Ruchi Sharma 


Role of Technological and Knowledge Resources and Capabilities in Firms’ Decision to Export

Pradeep Kumar Keshari 


Institutions and Innovation

K Lal, Shampa Paul


Exports and Participation in Clean Development Mechanism [CDM] in Technology Intensive Industries in India

Santosh Kumar Sahu, K Narayanan


Financing Constraints and Investments in R&D: Evidence from Indian Manufacturing Firms

Subash Sasidharan Jijo Lukose P J, Surenderrao Komera


R&D spillovers across the supply chain

Madhuri Saripalle


The Geography of Patenting in India

Jaya Prakash Pradhan 


Total Factor Productivity and Technical Efficiency of Indian Manufacturing: The Role of Infrastructure and Information & Communication Technology

Arup Mitra, Chandan Sharma, Marie-AngeVéganzonès


Emerging country multinationals, innovation and development

Filip De Beule


Genetically Modified Crops and Farm Livelihoods: Comparing India, China and Brazil

Asmita Bhardwaj 


Policy Shifts in Urban Sanitation and Emerging Thrust on PPPs in India: An Inquiry in Ganga Basin

N. C. Narayanan


 Case Studies-2013

  1. Technology Foresight in India: Lessons learned, Lessons yet to learn Y S Rajan
  2. Technology Commercialization as Driver for Economic & Social Development – Indian Experience, Soumitra Biswas, Nirmala Kaushik, Sangeeta Baksi & Y S Rajan
  3. Longitudinal trends in Competitiveness of Indian Firms: Exploring Role of Technology and IITs through select cases, K. S. Momaya
  4. Components for photovoltaic panels, a case study, Françoise Pardos
  5. Poverty and Scoping Social Entrepreneurship in India, Bino Paul GD & Sunita Kumari
  6. Open Source Ecosystem: Development of Affordable ‘Product’, Ashok Jain & Sanjeev Singh
  7. Can we use ‘improved cook-stoves’ as an instrument to tackle the twin challenges of development and energy: An assessment in the Indian context? Jyoti Chandiramani and Amir B. Bazaz
  8. Spoken Tutorials for IT Literacy and Employment, Kannan Moudgalya