2017 Conference Papers

Sl. No Title Author(s)
1 Country origin of FDI in India manufacturing and its impact on productivity spillover Bishwanath Goldar and Karishma Banga
2 The impact of foreign direct investment on the ecological footprint of a nation Nadia Doytch
3 What explains surge in FDI inflows? Evidence from developing countries Jagadish Prasad Sahu
4 Knowledge spillover mechanisms Stanley Nollen
5 Do firms innovate when they can relocate? Evidence from the steel industry Francois Cohen, Helena Ting and Giulia Valacchi
6 Declining energy intensity in the pulp and paper industry in India: Does traditional and advanced inputs use make a difference? Sandeep Kumar Kujur
7 Paradigm shift in irrigation sector of Andhra Pradesh and its impact on irrigation efficiency and drought induced loss of crop productivity Amarendra Pratap Singh and K. Narayanan
8 Implications of International harmonization of IPR on growth, TFP and welfare Sunil Kumar Ambrammal
9 Determinants of R&D Behavior of Foreign Firms in India Savita Bhat
10 Do knowledge spillovers attenuate R&D investment? Evidence from Indian manufacturing firms Santosh Kumar Sahu, Unmesh Patnaik and K. Narayanan
11 Innovation and competition in Indian medium and high technology industries* Madan Dhanora and Ruchi Sharma
12 Knowledge sources of innovation: An enriched subsidiary typology* Filip De Beule and Ilke Van Beveren
13 Interplay of Technology and Labour Productivity: Emerging Story of Consumer Electronics in India Bino Paul and Mansi Awasthi
14 Broadband Adoption and Firm Performance: Evidence from Informal Sector Firms in India Kausik Chaudhuri, Rajesh Raj S. N., and Subash Sasidharan
15 Changing pattern  of global production process: an analysis of Indian manufacturing industries Swati Mehta
16 Trade liberalisation, import of capital goods and export performance: evidence from the organised manufacturing sectors in India R. Rijesh
17 Impact of free trade agreements on foreign direct investment in India Vani Archana
18 Changing paradigms in the solar industry Françoise Pardos
19 Patent and scientific progress  Lipika Sahoo
20 Paradigm shifts in information technology K. Lal and Shampa Paul
21 Applications of statistical physics and stochastic processes in economics; A changing paradigm Ashok Jain and M.K. Das


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